Top Online Austin Internet Scams

Austin Computer Virus Removal
  • Click Here  Win An Ipad 2.
  • Just one more step to win, redeem, etc.
  • You have not logged in properly links
  • Anything on the internet related to work from home… particuarly with an editorial feel/look on your computer screen
  • Debt Relief and Settlement… ask a CPA who they recommend instead.
  • Let us sell your timeshare.   Red flag if there are any upfront costs.
  • Repeat Billing concepts that can be difficult to cancel
  • Nigerian banker scams
  • Emails from your friend’s email address claiming they have been in jail in a foreign local and need bail money Western Union
  • Any solicitation from a roofing company
  • “You won the sweepstakes” scam
  • We overpaid you scams.
These internet and online scams can often trick you into allowing access to your computer’s storage of valuable and private information.  Fix My Computer Austin can help you in the aftermath of these situations and help protect you against their introduction with proper preventative care.

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